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Category: Healthcare
Job Number: 54630


Essential Duties


Safety Manager is responsible for delivering a consistent safety message and effectively communicating with all levels of employees to ensure compliance with contractual safety specifications and applicable federal, state and local code requirements.

Responsible for the occupational health, safety and loss control management of the facilities that we service.

Responsible for providing health and safety strategies, policies and processes in support of the company's policies.

The Safety Manager will be responsible for evaluating, developing, planning, directing, training, and implementing safety, industrial and health initiatives that will ensure a safe, healthy and accident free environment.

Responsibilities may include safety walks, inspections, investigating accidents, report writing, and claim submission.



High level of proficiency in Microsoft, PowerPoint, Word, Excel.
Expert Knowledge of OSHA regulations.
Industrial safety experience is required.
Must have a minimum of 2 years safety experience.